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Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL

The perfect child is a pug. Bronx isn't a full pug, he is definitely the perfect child though :)

in the dust

The God Mother by Brett Greenaway I photographed this beautiful elephant cow in the Kruger National Park. She was having a dust bath and very relaxed with us being so close to her.

truck tent-- perfect

This is awesome! A couple sleeping pads and some sleeping bags and you're good to go! No worries about rain pooling under your tent because you didn't realize you'd set up in a dip. If I had or truck or still enjoyed camping this would be cool.


❤ "The bulldog riding the skateboard - over rated. Nap on skateboard -- good stuff!" ❤ No source.too bad it's not a bulldog. It's a pug 😒