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Easy toddler activity
a child is playing with rocks in a wooden bowl on top of a paper sheet
Build a Sled Winter STEM Activity
Are looking for a fun, low-prep, and inexpensive activity to try with those beautiful stones you’ve been collecting? Try this simple stone matching game for kids today!
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18 - 24 Month Toddler "Curriculum"
How to make calming lavender rice for sensory play
Lavender sensory rice is one of our favourite go-to activities for calmer play. Not only does it smell gorgeous, but it looks pretty too! Read the full blog post for safety advice about using lavender in play.
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5 Quiet Toddler Activities - Ideas for Independent Play
12-18 Month Old Toddler Development: Fun and Easy Activities to do at Home.
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the best indoor activities for toddlers that are easy to play and great for learning
Simple Indoor Activities for Toddlers | Every Day Above Dirt is a Good Day
there is a kid playing with toys and making them
23 Toddler Led Activites without Screens!
two pictures of a toddler sitting on the floor
Ten Easy Activities To Do With a One Year Old - Tales of a Teacher Mom
a poster with the words things to do with a toddler on it and pictures