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hollywood hírügynökség - Google keresés

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Optimus Prime gets a new blade in this fourth Transformers film. "The sword is emblematic of what we've done to Optimus as a whole," says producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura. "He's been upgraded with more abilities.

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Video Michael Giacchino - As the Jurassic World Turns Best Movie Soundtracks: Jurassic World The Best Theme Song Jurassic World (Movie) Superbe musiqu.

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This is a new movie called “Nightcrawler” starring jake Gyllenhaal who is an amateur news reporter who is now wrapped up in freelance crime journalism and got

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9 Books to Read to Remind Yourself of Your Inner 'Sherlock' Fangirl, Because No One Should Have to Wait This Long

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Kingsman: The Secret Service is a film about institutional reform and political decay. The Kingsman are a secret organisation dedicated to maintaining global security.

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