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DIY Party Fruit Piñata

CS Fruits for The Art of Cooking show in Los Angeles. Terrific exhibition up until August please stop by if you’re in LA. Other artists include Olaf Bruening, Jim Drain, Kenny Scharf, Amy Yao and many more. The Art of Cooking CONFETTISYSTEM

happy friday! 🍥🍧🍡 (at CONFETTISYSTEM HQ)

Our new Tassel Branch functions in many ways! It can be hung horizontally to create a beautiful mobile. It can be used as a table centerpiece when .

Paper garland by Confettisystem

This week: A new dyed-marble table by Silo Studio, a new paper flower project by Confettisystem, a new glass daybed by Dessuant Bone, and more.

Mini Sprinkle Cake

That's right - you read the title correctly - Mini Sprinkles Cake. That's cake for one, or go ahead and share if you must. I, thankfully, only had to share with

DIY: clay jewelry dishes

Use our free tutorial to make polymer clay jewelry dishes - crafting DIY trinket dishes only takes a few materials to make something gorgeous

These six expert-backed tips for raising gifted children will ensure happiness and fulfillment.

Raising Gifted Children: 6 Simple Tricks to Maximise Happiness (and Potential)