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a woman laying on top of a bed next to a giant black animal in a room
Kuro bōzu
Kuro bōzu |
an image of a boat in the water with a giant whale on it's back
Umi bōzu
an old poster shows the different types of sea animals and their names in each language
Every terrifying mythical creature from around the world.
Every terrifying mythical creature from around the world. //
an image of people swimming in the water with trees and rocks behind them, while another person is reaching for something
a woman standing next to a man in a forest
The Strangest Intruders Of All
I have always liked his photo. It's creepy, but in a cool way!
an image of a woman standing in the water with two birds flying above her and another bird sitting on top of her head
Japanese Monsters – Austin Gilkeson
Kasa-obake, a type of Tsukumogami, an umbrella that reaches 100 years of age and develops a spirit. (Osutein, 2012)
an illustrated poster showing different types of boats
Community Post: 50 Mythical Creatures That Need More Face-Time
there is a boat in the water with red eyes
Umibozu by Kaiju-Umibozu on DeviantArt
Umibozu by Kaiju-Umibozu
an image of a cartoon scene with two people in the snow and one person on the ground
Miage-Nyudo- Japanese folklore: a yokai or monster that grows in size when looking up. They grow so fast a viewer would fall down backwards if they kept looking at it while it grew.
a black dog sitting on top of a table next to a tea pot
Keukegen- Japanese folklore: a creature covered in black fur that lives in peoples houses. Its name means "rarely seen". It was a disease spirit, inflicting sickness into those who lived in its host house.
a drawing of a woman hanging upside down from the ceiling with her hair blowing in the wind
A-Yokai-A-Day: Tenjō-kudari | Matthew Meyer
Tenjō-kudari (天井下), its name means “coming down from the ceiling,” and that is pretty much the long and short of what this yokai does.
an image of a woman with long hair on top of a building in the night
Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore
Hokusai - House of Plates - Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore
four different pictures of animals in the snow
illustrated book; print | British Museum
Ima wa mukashi / 異魔話武可誌 / Now, Long Ago..., 1790 by Katsukawa Shunei assisted by his master, Katsukawa Shunsho
three people are walking through the woods on a foggy day in black and white
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The Ghostly Landscapes Of Photographer Martin Vlach Evoke Mystery And Emotion
an illustrated map of the united states with animals and their names in green on it