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four different paintings on old paper with black and white images in the middle one has a man holding an umbrella
Hollie Chastain: Book Cover Collage
Hollie Chastain, Book Cover Collages, Contemporary collage on old book covers, The Hole Summer Reading exhibit
four different pictures with some writing on them and one has an image of a woman
curated contemporary art /// “i sandwich everything in that stuff”
The Jealous Curator talking to collage artist Hollie Chastain
six pieces of carved wood sitting on top of a white surface with holes in the middle
la iidiotó
cardboard relief.
a woman's face is covered in blue and green paint, as if it were cracked
Antonio Mora - "Texturized man". Through this email you will acquire the work of this unique artist.
four different colored paintings on white paper with one person holding a surfboard and the other is
hollie chastain (The Jealous Curator)
Hollie chastain
lace mix 8 brushes for photoshop
norway companies
an abstract painting of a man's face with his mouth open
Collage portrait.
altered photograph of a woman's face with buttons and laces on her hat
some had the good fortune to take a class with Lynn Perrella
an old photo hanging on the wall next to some pictures and a string attached to it
Photos trapped in tea bags, Deer Things via doppelganger
an art work with many different faces and wires on the wall above it, as well as people's heads
Sewn Found Photo Art
Lisa Kokin
an abstract painting is hanging on the wall
Valery Koshlyakov
an image of some art work with many different colors and patterns on it's surface
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
a cardboard cutout of a man wearing a fedora and tie with paper mache on it
Artist Cuts into Cardboard to Create Old Hollywood Portraits
Rather than simply throwing away a cardboard box, artist Giles Oldershaw redesigns the discarded packaging he comes across as creative, layered portraits. By carving and tearing away at the material, Oldershaw exposes the ribbed texture sealed within. His meticulous precision and artistic ingenuity results in a spectacular set of Cardboard Relief Portraits. Mr. Peter O'Toole