Molnár-Sefcsik Yvette

Molnár-Sefcsik Yvette

Molnár-Sefcsik Yvette
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How To Create Your Personal Color Palette (Plus Take Our Color Quiz)

When creating a capsule wardrobe picking out a cohesive color palette is one of the most helpful things you can do to ensure that your capsule experience will go smoothly. Not only do you want to pick colors that go together but you also want to pick c

"Cool Winter Wardrobe" by katestevens on Polyvore

An example capsule wardrobe for a cool winter complexion. It would also work for all other winters and cool summers. Based on a black and white base with navy,.

Deep or Cool Winter Capsule by katestevens on Polyvore

An example of a complete wardrobe capsule for deep or cool winters. It could also work for cool and soft summers if the black tops are swapped for grey ones ins.