Mend my broken clothes

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Scotch darning stitch - Hand embroidery and mending video tutorial
Scotch darning stitch is one of the stitches used for darning holes. It is incredibly widely used when darning knitwear. In surface embroidery it is called a Corded detached blanket stitch and is used a a filler stitch. This stitch creates a robust and secure mend and is perfect for mending the heels of socks and the elbows of sweaters - parts that suffer from most wear. Click to learn more or Pin for later.
Visible Mending
Visible mending with embroidery floss.
someone is holding their pants with flowers on them
Flower field 🐝🌱
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12. Goosey
an old pair of jeans with patches and hearts on them
an old pair of jeans with flowers painted on them and ripped off the back pocket
Just some lil flowers 😁
a pair of blue jeans with a robot drawn on the side and a balloon attached to it