Things for My Wall

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three framed maps on the wall above a vase with dried flowers in front of it
there are many small toys on the shelves
Crafty Polly's collection of vintage Fisher Price Little People circa 1970's
a shelf with many pictures on it
Wall to Wall Family — Whispers of the Heart
a map hanging on the wall above a bed
How to Make a World Map Art Collage on Canvas
two framed maps with starfish on the bottom and green striped wall behind them,
26 Vacation and Memorykeeping Crafts That Are Perfect for Summer
a wooden box with many different types of items in it hanging on the side of a building
Game Day- Found Object Assemblage Printer Tray Art
a white light switch sitting on top of a wall next to a flowery design
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an old window is filled with glass dishes
an old framed photo with some tools and a man's name on it,
Four Corners Custom Framing Gallery
a hammer stuck in the wall with keys attached to it
Gifts For Her