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a blue boot with flowers in it is sitting on the ground next to some rocks
2.8M views · 77K reactions | Giving the little tiny baby concrete overalls a coat of paint 🖌️I may be biased but I think it’s the cutest little flower pot I’ve ever seen! What do you think are the little free standing overalls cute or creepy? #concreteproject #concretecrafts #concretejeans #diy #jeanflowerpot #overallflowerpot #concreteoveralls #diyflowerpot #uniqueflowerpot | Morgan Renfro | JVKE · clouds
On My Kids Plate
On My Kids Plate
a white car parked in a field next to a movie screen
5.3M views · 201K reactions | What’s more nostalgic than this?!? 🍿🎥 | DadSocial | DadSocial · Original audio
Backyard Chickens Enthusiasts Club | Here's another idea... | Facebook
Backyard Chickens Enthusiasts Club | Here's another idea... | Facebook
two children playing in an outdoor sandbox made out of pallets and wooden boards
Sequência Didática Dia das mães
Sequência didática dia das mães / lembrancinha dia das mães / música dia das mães / dia das mães / educação infantil / anos iniciais / lembrancinhas escola / escola / alfabeto ilustrado / desenhos dia das mães / creche / atividades dia das mães
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Zen Warriors
someone is opening the door to their bedroom and there is a bed in the background
147K views · 223K reactions | Faria ou não faria? Eu achei um cantinho de leitura/descanso adorável 🥰 e você? | Isa | Disciplina do Equilíbrio®️ | christina perri · you are my sunshine
a mother's day card with two flowers painted on the front and back of it
Mommy & Me Arts and Crafts
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1.3M views · 8.2K reactions | 🍌Frozen Banana Yogurt Bites 🍌 12+ months 👶🏼 Makes 15 slices These are a great heathy snack, especially while teething! I’ve seen so many different variations of these and thought we had to give them a try and they were so nice 😋 Ingredients 1 large banana 3 Tbsp of coconut yogurt (plain or vanilla) 1 Tbsp of peanut butter or other seed butter 1 Tbsp of hemp seeds (or chia seeds; optional) How to: 1. Slice a banana into .75-1cm slices (the thicker they are the bigger they will flatten down to). 2. Place the banana slices on a baking tray and then use the bottom of a glass to squash the slices to a few mm thick. 3. Spread a little coconut yogurt on each slice 4. Drizzle a little peanut butter over each slice (water down if necessary). 5. Optional: sprinkle some seeds on top 6. Freeze for 1 hour before serving (allow to thaw for a couple minutes before giving to little hands). Store in an airtight container in the freezer once fully frozen (so they don’t stick together) for up to 2 months. Do NOT repost (story shares are 👌🏼) . . . . #babysnack #toddlersnacks #weaning #weaningideas #weaningbaby #whatmytoddlereats #toddlermeals #whatmybabyeats #weaningjourney #babyledweaning #pickyeaters #babyblogger #breastfeedingmom #babymeals #blw #blwrecipes #toddlerfoodideas #whatifeedmykid #babyfood #fussyeaters #veganbIw #veganbabyledweaning #toddlerplate #babyplate #babyfoodideas #feedinglittles #toddlerfoodie #veganrecipe #teethingbaby #homemade | Baby Food