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the pizza is cut into eight slices and has cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and green peppers on it
Jalapeño Popper Pizza
Thin crust jalapeño popper pizza recipe from @bakedbyrachel
a pizza sitting on top of a table covered in lettuce and tomato slices
BLT Pizza
This BLT Pizza is going to become the new family favorite. It is easy to make, and with my no fail pizza dough, it is absolutely delicious in every way.
a close up of a pizza on a pan with the words muffafetta pizza
Muffaletta Sandwich Pizza
a pizza with broccoli and cheese cut into slices
Broccoli Pizza with Provolone, Mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano
two different types of pizza sitting on top of each other
Mexican Pizza Recipe With Refried Beans | Vegan, Gluten-Free - Elavegan
A delicious homemade Mexican Pizza recipe which is easy to make and healthy! This loaded vegetarian pizza is topped with refried beans, onion, corn, peppers, jalapeño, and vegan cheese. It can be made with a (gluten-free) pizza crust or with flour tortillas! #veganpizza #glutenfreepizza #mexicanpizza #loadedpizza #elasrecipes |
a cheesy pizza is shown with the title above it
BBQ Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
a close up of a pizza on a plate
Blue Cheese and Steak Pizza Recipe
the homemade pizza is ready to be served in the oven and topped with lettuce
Big Mac Pizza Recipe
Pizza night just got interesting with this big mac pizza recipe made with a copycat special sauce and lean ground beef. This easy weeknight dinner idea will be a hit with friends and family because of the taste, but you'll love it because it's quick and easy to make.
two slices of garlic pizza sitting on top of a white plate next to each other
Buttery Garlic Pizza with Fresh Herbs
This recipe has everything you want in a garlic pizza! Rich pools of garlic butter, a scattering of fresh herbs, and a crispy chewy crust to soak it all up.
a pizza with cheese and pepperoni on it
German Octoberfest Pizza
This German Octoberfest Pizza takes less than 30 minutes to make and only uses 6 ingredients! To make this German-inspired dish, you'll need our Kielbasa, pizza dough, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, shredded mild cheddar cheese, and caraway seeds. Try out this yummy pizza today! #PizzaRecipes #Pizza #Octoberfest #Oktoberfest #OctoberfestFood #OktoberfestFood #EasyRecipes #GermanInspiredCuisine #GermanRecipes
mexican street corn bacon pizza on a cutting board
Mexican Street Corn Bacon Pizza
two pieces of pizza with chicken, spinach and cheese on them sitting on a cutting board
Tuscan Garlic Chicken Pita Pizzas
Tuscan Garlic Chicken Pita Pizzas are loaded with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and cheese over a creamy garlic Alfredo sauce. These personal pizzas are so delicious and simple to prepare!
an uncooked pizza with chicken, tomatoes and cheese drizzled on top
Avocado Chicken Flatbread Pizza
this quick and easy southwest chicken pizza is the perfect meal to make for lunch or dinner
Homemade Southwest Chicken Pizza
two slices of loaded baked potato pizza on a cutting board with the words loaded baked potato pizza
Supreme Mashed Potato Pizza
Supreme Mashed Potato Pizza | Foodtastic Mom #pizza #pizzarecipes