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the words be your own kind of beautiful written in black ink on a pink sky background
a bird flying through the air next to some tall grass and palm trees in front of a sign that says, fly first love yourself
first love yourself
the year i become my best self is written in black and white on a pink background
Repeat after me
2024 the year I become my besft self
a painting of a woman sitting on the moon with a message above her that reads, how brave the moon shines in her skin, outnumbered by the stars
Self Love Poetry by Angie Weiland-Crosby
Nature Poetry for Self Love | Belief Quotes | Autism Love | "How brave the moon shines in her skin; outnumbered by the stars." Angie Weiland-Crosby | girl with a moon and stars by natamc/deposit photos #quotes #nature #selflove #poetry #moon #stars #naturegirl #artwork #natamc #blogging #autismlove #momdaughter #angieweilandcrosby #momsoulsoother
a woman is the full circle within her is the power to create nurture and transform
100 Inspirational Quotes to Make You Feel Better About Life
86 Inspirational Quotes To Make You Feel Better About Life -
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two children are walking down a path with palm trees in the background and a quote written on it
two people walking across a bridge that is suspended above the water with signs on it
Brighter Days Ahead
Rv, Buddha, Wisdom, Light Of Life, Light Quotes, The Light, The Darkness, Love And Light Quotes
John Mark Green Quote