Mothers day🤱🩷

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a purple heart surrounded by rocks with a quote about minden jol van haana velem van, ha anya melettem
a card with pink roses and a stuffed animal
#Anyák napja
a woman with long black hair and veil on her head, in front of a gold frame
pink carnations in a vase with a chalkboard heart on the label that says happy mother's day
Goździki na Dzień Matki - Tapeta na telefon
a heart shaped word cloud with words written in different languages, including english and spanish
Anyák napi kártyák
MENTŐÖTLET - kreáció, újrahasznosítás: Anyák napi kártyák
a person holding flowers in their hands with the words written on it, and an image of
a circle frame with flowers and leaves on it
Karbantartás folyik - Panda kreatív
Transzferálj - Anyák napi kép idézettel - Panda kreatív
a card with flowers and words on it
Anyák napja
a card with two hearts on it and the words kosonom written in english
Christmas, Languages
valentine's day card with hearts on the side and words written in russian language
Anya, szeretlek! – Modern Iskola
an image of a cartoon character in the water with words above it that read, avaya receives vazi b nikkatta
the poem is written in english and has two pink hearts floating from one balloon to another
Közeleg az anyák napja! – Modern Iskola
Közeleg az anyák napja! – Modern Iskola
a pink flower sitting on top of a table next to a quote about being happy
Idézetek anyák napjára - Létay Lajos idézet
Létay Lajos anyák napi idézet. #anya, #anyaknapja, #szeretet, #anyaság, #csillaggyongy