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This would make a great collaborative art project for the classroom. Ted Harrison Landscapes.

OIL PASTELS -Inspired by Ted Harrison' art - use black paper and draw all thick white lines, then color in with pastels using very bright colors

Funny cups painted with tempera!  This is a good exercise to learn how many textures you can paint with tempera colours, and how many wa...

CONTINUITY IN COLOR--------------elementary art lesson grade coffee cups tempera paint pattern color. Would love to find this template to make a piece of art for my kitchen!

862178f298d6d91ce7cae70e2d9dad6d.jpg 576×960 pixel

862178f298d6d91ce7cae70e2d9dad6d.jpg 576×960 pixel

Beeldaspect ruimte / ruimte in 2D. Hier wordt gebruik gemaakt van atmosferisch perspectief. De voorgrond is donker en naar achteren worden de kleuren lichter. het is dus een verschil van verzadiging.

The Romantic works of Friedrich lend themselves to an interpretation of the landscape that can be divided into a value scale. In these two exercises Friedrich’s paintings were traced on traci…