Make a Trendy Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop

What You'll Be CreatingYou’ve probably seen this interesting effect of two or more overlapping photos on the covers of music albums, in modern magazines and in advertisements.


Adventure Time's "Bring Your Friends" - Officially Signed, Dated and Hand-Stamped Art Print

Tree of Life tattoo

Tree of Life tattoo. Make it a little more circular with the blossoms like the tree of life and add a dreamcatcher

# typography I like the typography within the bottle it works well. Vintage style and the fonts back up this. Very attractive.

Derrick Castle "Aldo's Tennessee Moonshine Corn Liquor" is an three color screen printed art print - First Edition limited to 50 prints

#typography #inspiration

The Kingdom of Awesomeness by I really like how the font moves with the artwork and compliments each other.

Industrial Design+Illustration 在 Instagram 上发布:“Just moved into a new apartment…

“Just moved into a new apartment and had to get myself some products for my home design studio! I love the filament bulb in their walnut lamp.

Mara Mattia Art: Cross Hatching Technique for drawing Santa Clause in Pen and Ink

This is an example of the cross-hatching technique using pen and ink. Better watch out.Santa Clause is coming to town!