robert redford | Throwback Thursday: Remembering Robert Redford in 'The Way We Were'

Throwback Thursday: Remember when Robert Redford was THIS hot?

Robert Redford - the square jaw, narrow eyes, straight mouth, straight brows - there is a lot of horizontality in naturals

The Best Hairstyles of Bradley Cooper

The Best Hairstyles of Bradley Cooper

I love his smile.Bradley Cooper, one of the most handsome and adorable men on the screen today. (People magazine agreed with me lol) Sexiest man alive last year

Yes. Please.    Tim Roth

Not really a "hot" guy but he got that sex appeal ! Cal Lightman from Lie To Me

Tim Roth, why are you so sexy?

One of my favourite British actors, Tim Roth. His punchy, energetic, charismatic performances make for compulsive viewing. I could literally watch him all day. My guilty pleasure.

Nick Nolte -Back in the day: The actor was once considered the sexiest man alive, as seen here in the 1978 film Who'll Stop The Rain

Down and out in Beverly Hills? Nick Nolte, 72, is unrecognisable

Even the biggest Nick Nolte fan would have struggled to spot the iconic actor as he made his way through Beverly Hills, California, On Monday.