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chickens are standing around in an old tire
How to Make a Dust Bath for Chickens - Audrey's Little Farm
Ideas for how to make a chickens dust bath using sand, wood ash, and diatomaceous earth. #audreyslittlefarm #dustbath #backyardchickens
a person standing next to a fence with their foot on the ground and one hand reaching for it
several chickens are standing in the corner of a building with a blue birdhouse on it's side
the chicken is laying down in the cage by the water pipe and hose connected to the fence
chickens and roosters in an enclosed area with white pipes attached to the side of them
the diagram shows how to draw a window with two sides and one side that is closed
two eggs are shown in their nest box with measurements for the size and height to scale
the instructions for how to draw an animal in four different ways, including hand and foot positions
Profiles of roosting poles, bars