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"I think we see this fence in transitioning neighborhoods because it can be built cheaply and quickly and it exudes a modern appeal that signals that the home itself may also be updated."

looks very different than it did a decade ago, and the wooden slat fence—a. the hipster fence or the flipper fence—will be the defining architectural symbol of an L. and the desire to own one in this period.

Картинки по запросу ганнибал

Lubricate your dash carefully for this post iamnotswarley: “ Because I’m about to post some of my favorite Mads Mikkelsen pics. See, the thing about Mads Mikkelsen is that he is ridiculously HOT, but.

Ayn Rand's Actual Letter to Cat Fancy - awesome

Ayn Rand liked cats. She also wrote repetitive, long-winded books and developed Objectivism, the philosophical system for people who pleasure themselves ov