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Permaculture Cooperation

"Afristar Foundation utilises Permaculture design systems as the primary methodology of our community development strategy. Permaculture is an optimistic,

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32 companion planting tips. In case you're wondering what to plant in your garden next year, here is a cool chart with lots of companion planting tips! Too bad raspberries aren't on here, but they did really well this year with my tomatoes and cucumbers.

Secondary Succession: Occurs after a major disturbance such as a forest fire. Soil remains after disturbance and pioneer species begin to grow.

ecological succession: The process by which the structure of a biological community evolves over time. Two different types of succession—primary and secondary—have been distinguished.

Image result for what worms eat

Image result for what worms eat

FREE DOWNLOADABLE WORM FARM LABEL                                                                                                                                                                                 More

We've created a free worm farm label for you to print and use at home. Use it to make sure your worm farm is healthy and happy.