The Art Of Animation, bad-blood join us

Not sure why I like this picture so much maybe pandas remind me of my sister or perhaps it is the child warrior

Capirote by Ted Beargeon, via Behance

Fan-art - Cultists of the Redemption - a gang of crazed fanatics . another sketch, wip. One day I'd love to do an extremely violent, creepy and disturbing black and white graphic novel featuring these guys . That'd be fun.

Lev Tolstoy by Iban Barrenetxea

This picture reminds me of the Grandfather in the book Heidi. Illustration by Ivan Barrenetxea

space cat Art Print by Louis Roskosch

Cute tote bag featuring a cat traveling across the space. She's a space cat! Available at also in a bunch of some other cool products

Yoborobo - Nanette and Roger, lovebirds

Nanette and Roger - RESERVED FOR ERNA

Nanette and Roger - one listing for two dolls, lovebirds and unique by yoborobo