Africa | Eket mask from the Ibibeo people of southern Nigeria | Wood, paint

AFRICAN MASK - Ibibeo People, Southern Nigeria, Eket Mask, in carved and painted wood, circa 18 x

Bugaku mask, Japan, 17th century. Wood, carved and lacquered.

century Wood, carved and lacquered. 2430 I Received in 1927 from the Museum of Modern Western Art, Moscow. First publication. The Bugaku theatre has existed in Japan since the century AD. It performed.

Mask (Pumbu) [Pende peoples culture]. Democratic Republic of the Congo, 20th century.

Mask (Pumbu) Date: century Geography: Democratic Republic of the Congo Culture: Pende peoples Medium: Wood, pigments Dimensions: H.

deg hit'an bear mask

Do not be afraid! The Himalayan Crawdad monkey mask is just a mask!

Aduma Mask, Gabon

AN ADUMA MASK The rectangular face with prominent forehead, pierced eyes flanking the rectangular