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Top 5 BuJo Ideas in 2016

This running list: The way it works is by adding the columns for the days of the week and assigning tasks to the day. If it’s recurring, add boxes to that day. If migrated, draw a box to the next day you’ve assigned the task to get done.

Elvis In The Coffee Shop Of The Jefferson Hotel by Alfred Wertheimer  1956

honey-rider: “Elvis in the coffee shop of The Jefferson Hotel 1956 photo by Alfred Wertheimer ”

London 1934

With his collaborator John Morrison, Harold Burdekin photographed the streets of the city of London in the dark for his book London Night, published in 193

Factory by Ernö Vadas, Budapest 1955

Erno Vadas, Factory, 1955 silver print Courtesy of Vintage Gallery, Budapest - so depressing & reminds me of my life in communism

Factory by Ernö Vadas, Budapest 1955

Factory by Ernö Vadas, Budapest 1955

rawImage.jpg (2048×2030)

Inside "The Essential Marilyn Monroe" Book - DuJour

bob-le-flambeur-1024x783.jpg (1024×783)

bob-le-flambeur-1024x783.jpg (1024×783)

Parisienne-fot.-Ji-Qin.jpg (1896×1256)

‘La Parisienne by Sofitel’ haalt Parijs naar Amsterdam - Amsterdam Fashion Week

Hair Pieces series by Rebecca Drolens

Rebecca Drolen’s Photographs Of Hair Explore Death And Femininity In Striking New Ways