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I love/hate how if you turn this upside down Thor is holding on to Loki

Brothers of Asgard by Kaysha Siemens. What I love about this is if you look at it this way, its Thor saving Loki from a fall; but if you turn it, its Loki holding onto his younger brother, Thor

Loki- Avengers Kylo Ren- Star Wars Anakin Skywalker- Star Wars Iron Man- Avengers I hate my dad squad :)



Words fail me here

You are so right Annabeth And I love how this turn from a stand against cruel stereotypes to a Percbeth stand against Jason with the support of Gucci glasses


The 33 Best Chandler Bing One-Liners. Oh my goodness, I love Chandler so much hahaha. i love friends its an amazing show