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The Astrology Guru - Taurus compatibility with Pisces

The Astrology Guru - Taurus compatibility with Pisces; Not entirely accurate but we are compatible in real life soI'll take it!

One cannot simply tell an Intp they love them. You must have evidence backing up this, such as, how long, what exactly you like about them, do you appreciate their opinion, how you can prove it to them.

One does not simply make an intj fall in love.

Somehow I am both << You're an ambivert, sweetheart.

My brother(E) vs me(Intp)

INTP Personality | Organized thinking far enough ahead, planned, that the current ...

You know you're an INTP when: your ideas flow by so quickly that you can only grasp and verbalise segments during conversations which may make you seem incoherent.