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Just about ready for another workshop in my studio. Eight new students from around the world will walk through my door at tomorrow morning for 6 days of pottery, food, and fun. Excited to meet them! For info on our workshops visit www.

Forming Techniques for the Self-Reliant Potter: 4. Plastic clay forming: 4.3. Potter’s wheel

Forming Techniques for the Self-Reliant Potter: Plastic clay forming: Potter’s wheel lids that are thrown upside down. The left column shows how lids are thrown on wheel. Middle is how they are trimmed and right shows the interlocking with the pots.

Handles, Handles, and more Handles!

Hey fans, have you checked out our Pottery Illustrated section? In the May/June 2013 issue, artist Robin Ouellette showed us all the different ways to create a knob. The possibilities are endless!