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an empty storage cabinet in a garage with no doors on the front and back sides
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a close up of a planer blade on top of a machine with measuring tape
How to Make a Zero Clearance Insert for a Miter Saw | Saws on Skates®
This simple trick gave me the BEST miter saw cuts EVER! The backside of my cuts always had tear-out or looked chipped which made my DIY projects look sloppy. All I needed to fix it was this post and a piece of scrap wood! #mitersaw #diy #woodworking #woodworkingtips #woodworkingtools #sawsonskates
How to Make Acute Cuts With a Miter Saw
the back end of a van filled with tools
13+ garage genius organization ideas for this season 8
an open wooden box with tools in it
Woodworking Tools | Woodworking Session
a planer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of plywood
Tool Review: Makita 1806B 6-3/4-Inch Planer
Tool Review: Makita 1806B 6-3/4-Inch Planer - Timber Frame HQ - http://timberframehq.com/tool-review-makita-1806b-6-34-inch-planer/
several different types of leathers are shown in this image, including the inside and outside
Estuche de herramientas
a machine that is sitting on top of a white surface with the handle extended to it's side
KP312 Makita 12" hand power planer This may be one of the coolest tools i have seen.