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a red armoire with two doors and drawers
Red armoire made in Newfoundland. Beautiful for a child's bedroom.
a wooden bench with woven seat cushions on it's sides and legs, in front of a white background
Melanie Hamilton (from Center for Furniture Craftsmanship class). St John's Newfoundland. East Adams Bench $2900 16 x 50 X 17 inches
a table that has some pieces of wood on it and is made out of glass
Vanessa Jackson
Vanessa Jackson
a wooden sculpture with three branches on it
Vanessa Jackson
Vanessa Jackson
two wooden stools sitting on top of a white platform
Over Capacity Chair - Katrina Tompkins
a person holding a white object with one hand and the other on top of it
Knowledge World
Cameo Cork Trivet / Corian Food Service 9.5" diameter Paddle- Katrina Tompkins
a stack of white and brown coasters next to a cutting board with a cork handle
Cameo Cork Trivet / Corian Food Service 4" x 16" Bat - Katrina Tompkins
a dining room table with chairs and plates on it
H&H Gus Modern Thompson Chair George Nelson saucer pendant | #Canada #diningroom
a white table with a yellow and black painting on it next to a wooden floor
POWELL & BONNELL, shadow desk | #CanadianDesign #desk #hallway #foyer
there are several different types of vases in the same photo and each one is made out of wood
Nine must-haves in Canadian home decor
a blue vase sitting on top of a white surface with holes in the bottom and sides
Nine must-haves in Canadian home decor
Nine must-haves in Canadian home decor - Even a humble trash can can become a design icon. Karim Rashid’s Garbino, created for Umbra, is likely the most frugal way you can incorporate Canadian design into your home. | #CanadianDesign
a white tea pot and saucer sitting next to each other on top of a table
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French porcelain artist Isabelle Lafargue, New Brunswick.
a red and blue circular quilt with many different colors
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"Spin" (2014) by Rachel Ryan. Fabric collage (applique quilt techniques, machine embroidery) of mixed fabrics.
an oil painting of some trees by the water
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Fibre artist Alison Murphy finds design inspiration on the back roads of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.