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Hello everyone,in this video i will show you how to make 6 different kanzashi leaves / petals. You can add them to a kanzashi flower to look more natural.

Цветы Канзаши Мастер класс  Flowers Kanzashi masterclass Резинки для волос своими руками - YouTube

A bow of satin ribbon with your hands Kanzashi Master class. It will take 80 cm white satin ribbon cm wide and 80 cm beige satin ribbon width of cm, .

Снежинка Канзаши Мастер Класс ✄ Kulikova Anastasia

In this video tutorial I will show you how to make beautiful snowflake from the petals of Kanzashi.

Мастер класc-Оригинальный ободок Канзаши-Hand made

My name is Nastya, and I am pleased to welcome you on its channel, which presents a master class for kanzashi, video lessons in the production of exclusive p.