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Elementary art projects, tutorials, and ideas for older kids. Find inspiration for making artworks with the students in your classroom! Lots of ideas from Ms Artastic that are quick, easy, and allow for hands-on learning! So many drawing and painting art projects to explore and experiment with! Why craft when you can MAKE ART!
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art on a cart with text overlay that says 5 art on a cart tips and ideas
5 Art on A Cart Tips & Ideas for Teaching Art on a Mobile Cart
Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Art on a Cart Tips that you can simply and easily do. I taught Art on a Cart for a couple years and while it was a challenge, I learned a lot. Keep it simple and pick a limited amount of mediums that can be used with endless possibilities and start pushing that art cart!
the text is halloween art ideas for your classroom
5 Halloween Art Ideas for Your Classroom Using Flexible, Choice Art Mediums - Ms Artastic | Art Educ
Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Halloween Art Project or Lesson Ideas that you can simply and easily do in your classroom that use choice or flexible art mediums. I have a bunch of easy-to-do and prep ideas that can use choice art mediums and can allow the students to really immerse themselves in some Halloween vibes. So grab your Spooky, Scary Skeletons and let’s get into these Halloween Ready-Made, Simple and Engaging, Art Lesson Ideas for your Amazing art classroom.
art supplies with text overlay that reads, 5 art sub tub tips and ideas
5 Art Sub Tub Tips for Planning for a Sub in your Art Classroom
Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Art Sub Tub Tips that you can simply and easily do. Honestly, as a teacher, I learned in the later half of my years that having your Sub Tub permanently prepped went a long way. I never ever worried about being away or being sick. I even honed it further when COVID showed up and people had to go into isolation in a moment's notice. I was always ready and if I had to take a sick day, I just put it in and stayed home and never ever worried about it because my tub was a
an art project with pictures and text that reads, the principals of design art unit
Principles of Design: Emphasis, Art Unit
Teaching the Principle of Design: Emphasis with these ideas can be fun and easy! Lots of activities and art projects in this Art Unit. Teach the National Arts Standards to your 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, and 7th Grade students with this quick and easy to use art resource that has lots of hands-on activities. Include it with your color theory teaching! Lots of pictures included to direct your students on this art unit adventure. #principlesofdesign #principleofdesignemphasis #artteacher
an art work with the title element of art line in 10 famous artworks
Element of Art: Line in 10 Famous Artworks in Art History to Reference in your Classroom - Ms Artastic
The Element of Art: Line is a fun element to work with as an art teacher as most art begins with line and line can take on many shapes or forms or expressions. Line works with the other elements: shape, color, form, texture. Line can help create shape or
the road runner art lesson for kids
Desert Art Project, Road Runner Line Art Lesson for Elementary
Let's create Desert themed Road Runner Line Artworks with this video Art Tutorial Art Project, perfect for Elementary Students. In this art lesson, students will use oil pastels and watercolor paints to create a Roadrunner art piece that explores both the theme of the Desert and the Element of Art: Line! Let’s create some Roadrunner Line Art!
the back to school art lesson guide is shown with colorful artwork and writing on it
Back to School Art Projects, Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons - Ms Artastic
It is Back to School Art Lesson Planning season and I am so excited to share my ULTIMATE Back to School Art Project Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons for kids from Kindergarten to Middle School with you! These are some HOT new Art Lessons that explore Artists & Art History and a variety of Themes that you can use to help plan your YEAR! There are over 650 Art Resources in the Ms Artastic TpT store now and they will help you facilitate art instruction in your classroom.
the best watercolor painting art lesson ideas with free printable template
3 of the BEST Watercolor Painting Art Lesson Activities & FREE Printable Template to Start With
3 of the BEST Watercolor Painting Art Lesson Activities & FREE Printable Template to Start With in Your Art Classroom - Ms Artastic | Art Education Art Projects, Resources & Art Lessons for Teachers, Educators, & Homeschool Parents
art on a cart with text overlay that reads art on a cart art resources
Art on a Cart | 20 Art Lessons & 10 Art Activities for Art Teachers
Prep for your Art on a Cart Journey like a Pro with a Ready-Made Art on a Cart 20 Art Lessons & 10 ARTivities Art Resource for Art Teachers. A complete Art Resource that includes 20 Art Lessons, 10 Art Activities & Assessment for your Cart and Art Teacher Binder to help you plan and be ready like a pro in under 10 minutes! This is a one-and-done resource for your Mobile Art Classroom to help you be ready for teaching Art on a Cart with 4 art mediums or flexible options Planning!
Artastic Kids | Online Streaming Art Lessons for Kids & Family
Discover The Easiest And Most Entertaining Way To Teach Your Kids About Art! Artastic Kids is an online streaming service that is here to provide your family with a special membership! Ms Artastic’s videos will teach your kids or grandkids art in a fun and engaging way! Enjoy monthly art lesson videos that will inspire your children, let them embrace their inner artist, and allow you to spend some quality bonding time together!
an art lesson for kids to learn how to use the summer choice - based game
3 Summer Choice-Based Art Lesson Ideas with a FREE Printable Art Choice-Board Activity - Ms Artastic
Hello Summer! I have to be honest, all this summer warmth and these vibes have me feeling extra creative! Let's dive in on 3 Summer art ideas that you can do with kids for the perfect summer edition to your art exploration & education. Scroll to the bottom to snag a FREE Printable Summer Art Choice Board!
back to school upper elementary and middle school worksheets for the mrs artsic's art lessons
Back To School Activities, Worksheets & Get to Know for Middle School
30 activities to get students introduced to the new year, to set goals, to write journal entries about their summer and plans for the future, to get to know their peers better, to create community, to allow you insight into your new students, and to allow
a bowl and spoon sitting on top of a table with text reading ceramics pinch pots art project
Back to School Directed Drawing FREEBIE
Art Teachers: Use this Directed Drawing Free Printable for Back to School for Your Classroom! Plan Quickly with these engaging art resources and art activities. Fill up your art planning binder or art sub binder with these easy to implement Elementary Art and Middle School Art lessons. Perfect for arts integration and art homeschooling. #teachingart #backtoschoolart #artideasforkids #artteachertutorials #artteacherideas #teachingart #artsublesson #artforkids #arteducation