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a printable worksheet for online testing tools
Online Testing Strategies: Prepare Your Students To Take Online Assessments - Teaching with Jennifer Findley
FREE poster for teaching online testing tools
copy, cut and pastee practice activities in microsoft word 8 digital activities to help students practice their skills
Copy, Cut and Paste Practice Exercises (in Word) from Miss Kay's Computer on (16 pages)
Copy, Cut and Paste Practice Exercises (in Word) from Miss Kay's Computer on - (16 pages) - This bundle contains 8 digital activities for students to practice their copy, cut and pasting skills on the computer! The activities use bright colors and fun graphics to keep kids interested and entertained.
there are many computers on the desks in this room, all with keyboards and mouses
Lesson Plans and Coffee Breaks
From my classroom to yours! As a new elementary computer teacher,I have had to create many lessons and resources. I want to share my love for teaching and inspire others with new ideas. Welcome to my blog!
a monkey worksheet with the words clip art and text boxes on it's side
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - Clipart and Textboxes| K-5 Technology Lab
Students Practice Inserting Clipart and Text boxes (Use a computer rather than a monkey) A fun activity using Microsoft Word that students can use to learn how to insert and manage clip-art and text boxes for illustration and annotation. These skills are essential for creating brochures, posters, title pages and reports.
a poster on the wall that says do you know your shortcuts? and an orange truck
I've taken scrapbooking to a different level with my bulletin boards and poster in my computer lab.
a blue hand holding a yellow object in it's right hand and writing on paper
16 Online Sites to Teach Mouse Skills
How to use the computer mouse is so overlooked many times. Here are a few sites that work on this.
several different types of keyboard keyboards with the words keyboard typing and free online tools on them
Preparing for the Test: Are Your Students Ready? Free online keyboarding tools to teach your students how to type.
a printable worksheet for children's learning about the letter i, with an image of a boy in a car
Keyboard Practice
Keyboard practice for students to learn usernames, passwords, or other school numbers
a pink laptop with the words getting started as a technology teacher
Valuable Tips for Getting Started as a Technology Teacher You Need to Know
Are you a new technology teacher or just interested in learning how another technology teacher gets organized at the beginning of the school year? This post goes over everything you need to know to give your students a great start.
two hearts with words that spell out the word and make a valentine
I heart Valentine's Day
Make a Valentine Connecting Words Story Website - - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins