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someone is reading the power of less by leo baauta on their cell phone
the energy of money book cover with an eye and triangle on it's side
Mishtar Ve-Opozitsyah Be-Mitsrayim Bi-Tekufat Sadat by Maria Nemeth PhD - - 0965020010 by Ha-Kibuts Ha-Me'uhad
the art of noticiing
The Art of Noticing
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Creating boundaries
a person holding up a book in front of a window with the words silent patient on it
the book is being held up in front of someone's lap and an apple laptop
the book is sitting on top of a wooden chair and it's cover reads, eastern body western mind mythology and the chakra system as a path to the self
A must read👏
the book is open to read and it has an interesting cover design on its front
Favorite GAME CHANGING Self Help books
the book cover for the courage to be disliked
The Courage to Be Disliked: The Japanese Phenomenon Tha…