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Laugh at golf humor with funny golf videos, golf pics, and golf jokes from Westchester County Golf and make your golfing day more fun. Share your golf jokes and funny golf anecdotes with fellow golfers and make them smile.

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Below, I have created a list of 10 off-season golf training tips that will help better prepare you to open up strong when the next season rolls . * Check this useful article by going to the link at the image.

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Most golf club offer memberships to players making them part of the club. Having a membership in a golf club can be very advantageous both monetarily as well as

golf, pool, workout schedule, family..........you know........the important stuff!

'It said on your application that you only want to work long enough to buy a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. For what we pay, that should only take 287 years.


As you can imagine, purchasing the wrong golf clubs can be almost as bad for a golfer as purchasing the wrong car for a race driver.

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Larry David opens up about his golf game.