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Mercedes-AMG stoomt GT4 klaar

Mercedes-AMG, the performance arm of the German luxury carmaker is currently working on a new race car based on its road-going sports coupe AMG GT R. The new racer comes as Mercedes-AMG attempts to expand its Customer Sports racing program.

This is One Billion Dollars in cash, 100 dollar bills    Anyone have a forklift?

This is One Billion Dollars in cash, 100 dollar bills. Financial wealth will enable me to help so many needy people and animals.


I am a money magnet! Large amounts of money comes in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis! I am blessed!

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 (#FTA) Yes or no?

2017 New Car Releases! ''NEW 2017 Mercedes-Maybach 2017 Best New Concept Cars For The Future (New Products Release)

What I dream of finding in an empty parking lot, or in the woods or something. A drug drop gone wrong maybe?

Affirmation: I am making an abundant living doing what I love. Prosperity flows abundantly into my life.