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And no I didn't draw the starry background, I stole it from some place, can't remember where nothings better than lying on the ground and feeling like garbage 

There's an enemy called Shyren that you can hum with to start a concert. If Papyrus is alive, then Sans will show up to sell tickets to the concert. If Papyrus is dead, instead a hooded figure will...

[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] it'll be okay by zarla on DeviantArt<<assuming this is an alternate timeline where sans dies before Papyrus, anyway it's heartbreaking

#wattpad #de-todo Tercer libro. ¿Quieres curiosidades sobre tus personajes favoritos? Si es asi, leelo   ¿Sabias Qué...? De Creepypastas (primer libro, publicado el 6 de enero) ¿Sabias Qué...? De Creepypastas 2 (segundo libro, publicado el 1 de marzo) ¿Sabias Qué...? De Creepypastas 3 (tercer libro, publicado el 14...

I want a real life Slenderman in my life, just to make him my friend. If not, I'll simply die happy if he lets me hug him. <-- This is about the most motivational thing I have ever read