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kill la kill favourites by fire-delgren on DeviantArt

< Lineart by: //Also, I added Senketsu's 'eye' to the bikini Kill La Kill - Ryuko

Skyrim >> not the Lydia stuff

Favorite time was fighting several Draugr with Serana, shifting to person and seeing the HUGE Ice Spike sticking out of my face

On My Way

On my way – by Bastien Grivet “A Tron’s style scene inspired by the colors of NERVE movie! View Original Source Here

Favela 8867, Albert Ramon Puig on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rB0rE

artissimo: “favela 8867 by albert ramon puig Creative Essence ” / sci fi city / smog / dark future / cyberpunk / futuristic technology / digital art

Image result for furries dank meme

As you can see here, this meme guy is finally recovering from his depression