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Old boat house in Norway. When I see pictures of Norway, I understand how in the depths of my soul I long for mountains, waterfalls and wild nature. I am Norwegian to the very core of my being.

On Canada's Vancouver Island you will find a beautiful example of storybook architecture created by the hands of two creative natural builders Timothy Lindberg and musician Daniel Huscroft. Together they work as Lindcroft, a mixture of their names, building homes that must be the dream of many, a woodland fairytale house by the water's edge. Follow the picture back to to see more of this wonderful natural home.

Storybook architecture on the shores of Vancouver Island, Canada - created by Timothy Lindberg and Daniel Huscroft : naturalhomes

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Pinner says: I prefer having a Car Port off the house with an entrance and then having the garages through the port. It allows to hide the garage, add space above, and it looks great.

Selworthy Cottage, Somerset, England

Thatched cottage in Selworthy, Somerset, England (by Canis Major). The Somerset village of Selworthy was rebuilt as a model village in 1828 by Sir Thomas Acland.


ridingkeepsmegoing: myfatherisalumberjack: biodiverseed: weirdpictures: A barn in Norway This is a novel way to reach the hay loft! Plus, it creates a little microclimate in the middle: brilliant. This looks too cool but expensive