New Work: Things that make me love New York – travel illustration

hand drawn maps nyc, london, paris

Gorgeous hand drawn map to lead guests from wedding venue to reception, a great keepsake too.

New York, New York, what a wonderful town

Ok mag

New York - Series of journals (Sandy Relief) by ecojot (Carolyn Gavin) - Illustrations w/ wood grain background - love it!

NYC - Manhattan & Brooklyn map of New York

City trip / Back to NY : 01 Manhattan

The Flatiron Building, NYC

The Flatiron Building, originally the Fuller Building, is a triangular steel-framed landmarked building located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan, New York City, and is considered to be a groundbreaking skyscraper.

The Flatiron Building, NYC

Flat Iron Building is considered to be the first skyscraper, New York, New York. Architect: Daniel H. Burnham Date. Location Manhattan, New York, New York


Singer Tower, New York

View of the Singer Tower from the Southeast, 149 Broadway, New York, New York County, NY. Photographed by Jack Boucher on film from 2 prints. This prints was digitally composed to create one frame