Hungarian Hussar

The Hussars - In the first half of the century, a light cavalry appeared on the battlegrounds of Europe called the Hungarian hussars.

Margaret island, Budapest

The music fountain at Margaret island! In the evening it works with amazing lights.

Buda Pest - Köszi Francis !

Hungary Buda and Pest (Photo taken in Gellért Hill )

Castelo de Boldogkő

Hungary is a country in Central Europe whose history under this name dates to the Early Middle Ages, when the Pannonian Basin was conquered by the Hungarians (Magyars), a semi-nomadic people who had migrated from Eastern Europe

100 korona -- old currency in Hungary from 1918 to 1927.

100 korona -- old currency in Hungary from 1918 to

Castelo de Gödöllő

Castelo de Gödöllő

Castelo de Tata

Castle of Tata, Hungary

Castelo Bory

20 varázslatos magyar hely, amit egyszer neked is látnod kell

Castelo de Diósgyőr

amiplanet: “Castle of Diósgyőr, Hungry. The Castle of Diósgyőr is a medieval castle in the historical town of Diósgyőr which is now part of the Northern Hungarian city Miskolc. The first castle of Diósgyőr was built probably in the century and.

Visegrad Castle - Varga Réka

Visegrad Castle - Varga Réka

Castelo Vajdahunyad - Dennis Jarvis

Castelo Vajdahunyad - Dennis Jarvis