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Strawberry blonde hair color is perfect for women with a warm skin tone – those with reddish or golden undertones in their skin, eyes, and hair. In fact, strawberry blonde hair color is the perfect shade to match a face full of freckles!

I feel like we haven't had a picture of Stana in her bra in while, so maybe she should post one 😏, because w all miss it so much 😂 - - I have no life if this is what I think about -

Stealing the show! Matt Damon's wife Luciana grabs her share of the spotlight in a stunning one-shouldered dress at Elysium premiere

Show how much of a Beckett fan you are, by blogging about Castle - and getting paid for it!

Stana Katic loves gardening and traveling. Her hidden talent is that she's a good whistler. Growing up they had a family "whistle" to signal each other.