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Team Building Games: Activities and Games For Office Parties

Check out the list of 10 team building games and activities especially designed to improve employee planning skills and building trust within a team.

All these people are laying down, by why aren't they falling? They comprise a human table! | Steve Spangler Science

COOPERATIVE ACTIVITY~ Great group activity that engages curiosity about the science behind the "trick." Can't wait to try this with my group next year!

Caterpillar Race....Have your kids form teams (At least two) and form a straight line.   In between each player is a balloon and they must get to the finish line without dropping their balloon.  They can only keep their balloons from dropping by using their chest and the other players back.   If a balloon drops, then the team must stop and pick it back up.

Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids Team Building Game with Balloons - 10 Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids Need great tips and hints concerning arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing site!

Die Bälle müssen von einem Kübel in den andern, ohne dass einer heraushüpft. Das wichtige ist: Alle müssen zusammenarbeiten!

LOVE THIS GAME. We called it atomic waste. Everyone has to work together to get the balls from one bucket into the other without spilling. (Good idea for team work game in Sunday school or gforce)