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Christ started the Catholic Church; so, why wouldn't you want to be Catholic?

Finest Catholic Books, Videos, DVDs, Statues, Church Supply, Music and Pro-Life News

Who are the founders of your church? The list is small but It shows who and when certain religions were started

I'm not saying drop your religion. I'm saying know your religion. Those Bible verses you tattooed right next to your side boob are from this same book. Religion, Patriarchy, Atheism, In This World, Equality, Just In Case, Christianity, At Least, Thoughts

Women should be praised for all they go through. You were made by a woman, why are you oppressing her? Without her YOU would be nothing. Learn to respect.

Thousands of years of religion Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Religion Humor, True Religion, Losing My Religion, Anti Religion, Secular Humanism, Religious People, Free Thinker

Atheist Girl

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Also I think we should ban cars because thousands of children die every year texting while driving. So maybe they shouldn't be allowed to drive until they're Down South, Atheism, Thought Provoking, In This World, I Laughed, Hilarious, Funny Memes, Religion, Wisdom

But You Told ME I Was Funny

Just an eclectic mix of things I like, feel, and think are funny. Yeah your gonna get a heaping liberal worldview here so get over it. I blog to express not to debate. If you want a debate join a...

Atheism ★ Atheist t-shirts with quotes against religion ★ No Gods No Masters [Page Atheist Agnostic, Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Anti Religion, True Religion, Secular Humanism, Athiest, Cognitive Dissonance, Religious People

"Christian"/old testament apologists will say "This and this place is mentioned and this and these people are mentioned and there was this archeological evidence found". To that I are an arrogant deluded fool who has even the smallest details wrong. Such as thinking that white people "Jews" escaped from Egypt. The "real Jews" are not the real Jews but you cling to your white washed comic book in which the main characters are wrong. But we know superman isn't black

To say religion is were people get there morals from is bull. I'm an Athiest, I get my morals from empathy, you know the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Religion Memes, Atheist Agnostic, Religious People, Les Religions, Thought Provoking, Equality, Christianity


Anti-Theist, LGBTQ Ally, in CA Bay Area. Interests: Truth, Scientific Method, Reason, Logic, Skepticism, Stoicism, Rationalism, Critical Thinking. Unless noted, I do not claim to own any of the images or other content. If you own any images and would like proper credit or to have them...