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a green skateboard sitting on top of a bag
$89. MAIN THING I WANT :) these colors please (light green & baby blue)
several skateboards with different designs and colors are shown in this image on a white background
I know these aren't long boards but I think they're pretty. :)
the skateboard is green and has blue wheels
Penny penny organic complete mint green white blue + FREE SHIPPING
This is the one I'm getting. I'm going to name it Jack. Because Jack is an awesome name. :)
skater girl summer style!!! LOVE! Skater Girl Outfits, Outfits, Grunge, Hipster, Converse Outfits, Teen Fashion, Skater Boy Style, Skater Girl Outfits Summer
skater girl summer style!!! LOVE!
a red and white polka dot skateboard laying on top of a wooden floor with wheels
a skateboard with an image of the earth on it's back end is shown
Longboard Completes | All Original Components
an image of a skateboard that is on the ground with it's wheels still attached
Awesome palm trees colorful penny board.
four skateboards are laying on the ground with their wheels still attached to each other
Globe Cruisers
Globe | Bantam ST 23" Plastic Skateboard Complete $89.95 That grandma's couch print one is awesome...
the skateboard is decorated with flowers and black wheels
The Snowboard Shop - Rider Owned & Run Since 2007
a pink skateboard sitting on top of a sidewalk next to the word friend written in chalk
my brand new penny board. im in love with it.
four different types of skateboards are shown in three different colors and sizes, one is blue, the other is yellow
Pastel Penny Boards... I want one sooooooooo bad!! I want the mint one
the skateboard is laying on the floor and ready to be used as a toy