Kelemen Anna

Kelemen Anna

Just a crazy fangirl, obsessed with collies, supernatural, the hobbit, sherlock and many other things. I'm always ready for another fairytale.
Kelemen Anna
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I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW

I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW<<<AND AWAY WE GOOOOO! <<<<< Also, Niue is struggling with a population decrease so if all of you people do move to the island it will help out there economy greatly!

Our fandom, the Sherlock Holmes fandom, everyone.

oh also sorry guys but in the people were writing Les Mis fan fictions and a load of them got published pretty much on accident so there are a ton of terribly written attempted les mis sequels floating around out there


My whole family are supernatural fans so one time the lights flickered and before anyone could my mom yeld grab the salt! And we put salt around the house just to be safe