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Morgenstern ♡ I imagined the chairs like gigantic size, but damn this is beautiful

The Mortal Instruments ~ City of Heavenly Fire ~ Sebastian & Clary Morgenstern

Brother Zachariah. NO. ITS JEM. haha get it cause people say "it's Taylor swift" and Taylors all like "no it's Becky" omg no one understands me. Ignore me.

Brother Zachariah will always just be sweet kind-hearted Jem in my eyes no matter what

Will,Tessa and Jem

Will,Tessa and Jem

ahhhhhhh he's so beautiful

Look at this cuteness oh my gosh



Out of the Sakamaki brothers he is the most perverse and masochistic. Description from crude-sadist.deviantart.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

That pervert face UuUr

Ayato sakamaki

Check out all the awesome diabolik lovers gifs on WiffleGif.

Resultado de imagen para factores de riesgo y proteccion anime

suki-tte ii na yo - º>♥<º


Tehe, stalker chibi Usui is cuuutttee! Evry time i see this pic i try to say Misa chan in his coice!

The best scene ever

Season 1 Episode Magnus, Alec, Jace (Jace and Alec faces in the last 2 )