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Kis helyen is elfér * Doesn't take up much place

practical kitchen gadgets - These practical kitchen gadgets are designed to perform a specific task to help cut down on prep time and make the task easy.

Pác injekció :) * Marinade injection :)

So many great tools to "convenientize" your kitchen! Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer The perfect kitchen gadget for men! This kitchen tool softens the meat and injects flavor enhancing marinade at the same time.

Instant vízfertőtlenítő: Miért nem gyártják már? * Instant water-sterilizer: Why isn't it on the market already?

It uses electrolysis to eliminate harmful bacteria in everything from fruits, veggies, kitchen appliances as well as baby bottles and chew toys — all without chemical detergents.Designed by Sang Keun Sim & Kyowon L&C Design Team.

Joseph Joseph Space-Saving Folding Colander | Stores Flat

I gotta get me one of these! Folding colander // packs completely flat for storage! designed by Joseph Joseph [By the way, I bought this one a few years ago. it's absolutely awesome and I use it all the time!