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black and white photograph of four children sitting on a ledge eating ice cream from their hands
humberthumbert-esque: My editor never ran it because he felt the boys looked too sinister. +
black and white photograph of an old man sitting on steps with his feet propped up
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#man # photography # art #The street
a person sitting on a subway with a hat and blanket wrapped around their head, reading a book
Grand Central Turns 100: A Look Back, Then And Now
subway - Walker Evans
an old man sitting on top of a trash can next to a street sign that says, but love, full of rest
мы сидели и курили
black and white photograph of children with faces painted on their mouths, standing in front of a brick wall
Aula de Especialización Fotográfica
A Hiding Place is magic! "Sardines" - when you found the 'hidden one' you stayed. Last one to discover the crowd was 'on'. The crowd had to be quiet!!
a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with his head in a box and eating food
"Philadelphia Homeless" by Tom Gralish, 1986 Pulitzer Prize. (This poor soul needed some compassion.)
black and white photograph of three children laying on the steps with their babies in strollers
Light upon Light
Having too much fun. Dublin Ireland 1967
several people sitting on a park bench and one woman is covering her face with her hands
The Ladies on the Bench
The Ladies on the Bench - The New Yorker
an old photo of a woman holding up flags by the water with her hands in the air
an old man wearing a hat and coat
Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier – Mírame y sé color.
black and white photograph of people walking down the street
Comme des Garçons (1985) ph. Peter Lindbergh