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Adachiya onsen (hot spring) at Takayu, Shenanigans, Japan. Natural cold drinking water next to the hot spring. The blue milky water is that way naturally because of the low Ph. value of the water.


Kimono-san - Cultural Topic: Tayuu and Oiran Oiran and Tayuu were the highest class of courtesans. They were not Geisha, nor were Geisha Oiran or Tayuu. Geisha used to work along side Oiran and Tayuu.

Japanese simplicity and South American Architect  Simón Vélez, made with chinese Bamboo in China

thekhooll: “ Crosswaters Ecolodge Simón Vélez, architect and pioneer in the contemporary use of bamboo as an essential building component. He invented a new method to build foundations and roofs,.

Optical Glass House - Hiroshima, Japan - 2012 - NAP Architects  #architecture #japan #garden

Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP A tree-filled courtyard is glimpsed through the shimmering glass-brick facade of this house in Hiroshima, designed by Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura.