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a paper cut out of a face with flowers on it's head and the words,
a tray with leaves and acorns on it that says, can you make a space?
a leaf is shown in black and white, with the outlines for it to be colored
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Leaf: Large Pattern
a paper cut out of the moon with flowers on it
cornucopia svg, file for cricut, laser svg, clipart png, digital clipart, glowforge svg, engraving file
three scarecrows sitting on top of a table with burlocks around them
a scarecrow wearing jeans and a straw hat is standing in front of a tree
Scarecrow Wreath TUTORIAL Scarecrow Wreath DIY How to Make a - Etsy
an autumn leaf is shown in black and white
a pine cone christmas tree in a burlocked basket next to twine of twine
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