Zsuzsa Paszler-Nagy

Zsuzsa Paszler-Nagy

Zsuzsa Paszler-Nagy
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8 Facebook groups to join in if you are looking for Waldorf/Natural Fiber Art dolls

Waldorf/Natural Fiber Art dolls and where to find them

Discriminant Card Sort Activity for Quadratic Equations

interactive notebook sorting pockets - discriminant for quadratics. I know it's not music edu, but think of the categories for instrument families, or rhythms, that students can sprt, they could be flashcards too.

Vertex Form Matching Game (Equation, Vertex, AOS, and Graph) - Walking in Mathland

My support classes are about to take their test/quiz on all conic sections in their Math 3 classes. I let my classes divide themselves into groups of 3 and then they had to get a large sheet of paper.

Function Operation and Composition Sum Em Activity - free download  |  mrseteachesmath.blogspot.com

This FREE function operations and compositions activity is great for algebra 2 students learning about functions. Better than task cards, it keeps students engaged the whole class period!