Nai Ookami~泣いオオカミ~

Nai Ookami~泣いオオカミ~

Nai Ookami~泣いオオカミ~
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okolnir: “ “Their loss was not your fault, Fareeha. ” “They depended on me, and I let them down. It was my fault. ” “You’ll train yourself to death if you keep pushing yourself so hard like this.

Overwatch Mercy Male Ver. by Gearous

artist name blonde hair blue eyes bodysuit character name gearous genderswap genderswap (ftm) hair over one eye long sleeves male focus mechanical halo mechanical wings mercy (overwatch) open mouth overwatch power suit short hair smile solo teeth wing

overwatch, mchanzo, hanzo, mccree

i drew a bunch of mchanzo bodyswap for some reason then never finished

Reaper doesn’t like it when people watch him eat popsicles and his favourite flavour is lime cause he’s super zesty, but not like lemons cause that’s too mainstream

Precious boi ❤

Drawing uploaded by umikochann on PaigeeWorld: ow, overwatch, genji